Hand crafted fashion Jewellery and beauty products
Hand crafted fashion Jewellery and beauty products


Having seen an article about 1950’s fashion i noticed how the love of minimalist vintage jewelry has come back around. Every trend has a cycle, whether it’s a music genre or an item of clothing, fashion trends come back. I think once you get sick of looking at everyone wearing the same things you search for inspiration elsewhere.

I personally don’t think vintage will ever go out of style, it’s always going to be someones go to fashion. Plus it’s also a character enhancer, having that vintage look gives you that stand out chic, that’s a statement itself. Seeing the article as mentioned above inspired me to create the bracelet pictured. True vintage, retro style and elegant.

I pictured myself wearing the beaded pearl necklaces and bracelets and wondered how i could make it look. What could i do to the 50’s style to give it a modern contemporary elegant look which represents women now. If you look at images of 50’s costume jewelry you’ll see a lot of white, the 50’s feminine look.

However, times have changed! Women have broke free from the shackles and repressive nature of times gone by and i wanted to showcase that. I visualised how my bracelet might have looked in the 50’s, what did i want it to portray. Power, strength, freedom, elegance, chic, individuality and daring to break the mould.

Vintage 50’s inspiration


I choose large beads to showcase a gunmetal grey/silvery statement of boldness and elegance. Keeping the 50’s beaded style i gave it the 2020 touch of modern woman. We’re all different and just because I’ve picked the colour i have doesn’t mean that alone symbolises modern women. It’s a feeling, a tip of the hat to the 50’s ladies to say thanks for the inspiration, we’ll take it from here.

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Claire x

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