Hand crafted fashion Jewellery and beauty products
Hand crafted fashion Jewellery and beauty products
more inspiration on my journey

More Inspiration On My Journey

More inspiration on my journey and the idea behind my creations are when i’m out and about walking around. Even when i’m sitting having a coffee. Sometimes in Costa Coffee I see quirky and arty things which get me thinking about creating a piece of jewelry. My mind starts to think about combinations, I always carry a note pad and pen everywhere I go.

This might seem odd but it’s part of my way of thinking, to jot down any ideas that I get. I start to visualise what they would look like, how it would make people feel to wear it. That goes through my mind every time, its important to me how you feel when wearing a piece of jewelry. Being in the woods is a really calm environment and I have got a lot of ideas from there.

Nature is a beautiful thing and the fresh air is amazing, seeing wildlife gives me loads of ideas as well. Some powerful feelings I get from all of this is spiritual and very calming. Every piece of my range is made with calming relaxing ideas, the combinations are unique. However, to me it really is how the jewelry makes you feel, from being relaxed to feeling beautiful.

More Inspiration On My Journey

Spirituality plays a huge part in my inspiration and I will be incorporating more of it into my jewelry. I believe in the power of crystals and even gemstones and I believe they have power to help us. Being around nature can give you the lift and inspiration to create beautiful things. Looking and feeling great is something everyone deserves and I hope my jewelry can help with that.

That’s enough of me going on about how it makes me feel and my ideas. I hope you can see where my ideas have come from, check out my range of jewelry on etsy.

Check out my Art Inspiration post too, it’s all part of the process.

Thanks for reading

Claire x


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