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Hand crafted fashion Jewellery and beauty products
chill music playlist

Chill Music Playlist

One of my routines when I’m working on my jewelry is listening to my chill music playlist. It’s absolutely essential! I’ve tried so many ways to help my concentration levels but a music playlist is by far the most effective. It really makes you feel better and gives you the drive you need to get through the day.

I know you’re probably thinking that a chill music playlist would send me to sleep, however it’s the opposite. Yes it’s relaxing but it also keeps my spirits up, there’s something magical about music. Plus I’m not suggesting that I’m listening to meditation music or anything like that, it’s not that sort of chill.

There’s no doubt that we’ll all have our own ideas about what chill music is but it’s all personal taste. A lot of my taste is a bit different to what you’d generally class as chillout. However i like the fact that my tastes are different to most others, it makes me more quirky!

Here are 3 tracks off my chill music playlist;

  1. Bonobo – Eyes Down, I can’t recommend this track highly enough! You’ll understand why if you have a listen.
  2. Oscar Jerome – Gravitate, this is such a fantastic laid back track, it’s one I can’t stop playing.
  3. Lucy Rose – Conversation, I genuinely can’t imagine anyone not liking this track, musically, lyrically and vocally a masterpiece.

I literally could’ve went on and on about the playlist however i just wanted to share it with you. We all need something to get us through the day and that is what helps me. I don’t get the same buzz listening to workout songs when I’m working on my jewelry. There’s a playlist for every occasion i guess and  we all react differently to different music.

Anyway, enough of my rambling i just wanted to share one of my daily must haves. Just like having a morning coffee to set you up for the day, that’s what my playlist does too. I hope you like those few tracks above, they certainly help and inspire me.

Check out my Etsy shop and see what my wonderful playlist has helped me create.

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Claire x

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