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Hand crafted fashion Jewellery and beauty products
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Astrology Jewelry

Whilst i was browsing online the other night i came across some astrology jewelry. I was fascinated by it to be honest, I’m not into star signs but i was intrigued. There were some really beautiful pieces of jewelry, some had a vintage jewelry look, however it was astrology based.

In truth i never look at my horoscope and I’m not sure about the accuracy but the jewelry stood out. Zodiac signs can really enhance a piece of jewelry and it got me thinking about what gives people comfort. I can understand how a crystal would make someone feel but would a zodiac sign have the same impact?

As I’m a Cancer i looked at my cancer star sign to see how it would make me feel. It wasn’t accurate in what it stated however the traits of a Cancer were strangely pretty accurate. I was quite shocked at how accurate my Cancer personality was Actually, maybe it’s a generalisation of certain birth months.

Even though I’m a believer in spiritualism and most things paranormal i didn’t believe horoscopes had the same attraction. Just like mediumship, horoscopes are guesswork too, however it’s the reading of stars and not spirit communication. A reading by a clairvoyant could be as believable as a horoscope so an open mind is needed.

Astrology Jewelry – My Conclusion

I was impressed by the idea of astrology jewelry. Having looked a little deeper into astrology charts and zodiac signs i can see the attraction. There’s obviously a metaphysical connection between a person and their star sign and if that brings comfort why not.

This has made me want to be creative with astrology and it has given me new ideas. I’ve always believed the power of gemstones and now i can see star signs the same way. Whatever brings you comfort and gives you what you’re looking for is definitely worth investing in.

It’s all about the feel good factor and you have to go with what feels right.

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Claire x

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