Hand crafted fashion Jewellery and beauty products
Hand crafted fashion Jewellery and beauty products
art inspiration

Art Inspiration

Art inspiration is sometimes the driver in my creative process. It’s not just in the making of the jewelry but in my thoughts patterns. I have a passion for anything creative and artistic and I try and see through the creators eyes. Sometimes I can even sit and doodle, creating an unintentional drawing which can trigger an idea.

I always look around at other crafts and try to see where their inspiration comes from. There’s some really talented people out there creating beautiful things and we’re all inspire in some way. One day I was walking through the town centre and saw some graffiti, maybe it’s wrong but it was awesome! It gave me ideas.

Word art isn’t something I was really in to but the graffiti changed my views, you can create so much. It’s good to delve in to other creators minds as everyone is different, art is such a broad term. You can look around an art gallery and see so many different visions and interpretations. However jewelry is my main passion and I always look to put artistry into everything.

Maybe it’s just a common creative process that everyone go through but art is definitely an inspiration for myself. Not every person that does crafts will have art as an inspiration, with some it’s a mindset. Some people create as escapism, a break from the realities of every day life, we all need that sometimes.

Art Inspiration – Music

Music is also one of the driving forces behind my love of anything art, musically and lyrically. There doesn’t have to be any specific genre, it all has it’s place. I listen to 6 music a lot and I love how the music is alternative and non commercial. It showcases the art of the song, music and lyrics and the artist is generally exactly that. However you won’t find any or many manufactured bands on there, music and art really does take centre stage.

Take a look at 80’s music, yes in my opinion it was awful however there was a lot of art. A-HA’s take on me and Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer to name a couple. Innovative and artistic, both inspiring and thought provoking with regards to creativity, groundbreaking even. It’s a nod to pencil drawing and digital art and shows both have power to inspire.

I just wanted to share an arty type view point because I really do love art and all it beauty. Plus every time I feel inspired by it I get creative, so it really pushes me forward. Even writing this is making me want to create something! Keep an eye out for new things!

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Claire x

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