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Hand crafted fashion Jewellery and beauty products
2020 so far

2020 So Far

As we’ve entered March already i was thinking about my 2020 so far. I know realistically we’re only just into March but it feels like it’s been ages. I’ve got a certain feeling about how the year is going to go on a personal level and it’s positive. Regardless of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 as it’s now called i still feel the year has potential.

We’ve got Easter 2020 to come and that fall on my partners big birthday, so that’s going to be fun. I think March 2020 is starting to be an interesting month already, new ideas are coming thick and fast. I’m currently working on new ranges of vintage jewelry and minimalist jewelry along with other projects.

There’s been a big emphasise on new craft ideas this month, lots of exciting things to try. I’m a stickler for a challenge and i think March 2020 is going to test and push me. Not everyone likes that sort of challenge but happily it’s in my DNA. Diy projects are my favourite but not in the general house repair sense, making my ideas into reality.

During the first two months of the year i struggled to get my head straight, January was especially long. Maybe it’s just the winter months making it feel worse than it actually is. My mind was extremely clouded at certain times and i turned to inspirational quotes to help me get through it. I know it’s psychological but they certainly helped me.

2020 So Far – Spring

Now that spring has finally arrived I’m starting to see things in a better mindset, more motivation and drive. It’s amazing what a difference a bit of sunshine can do for your mind. I’ve battled the dark cold days and got through it and now feel i can push on with enthusiasm. Driven by my new ideas and I’m excited about my new projects and ranges of jewelry.

Determination is key and not letting the negatives take over, so far I feel I’ve done that. Nobody can tell the future however i have a strong feeling that this could be a good year. So my conclusion about 2020 so far is that its tested me mentally but I’ve got through it. Ive gained more determination and creativity, my desire to succeed and enjoy life has given me belief. 2020, I’m coming for you!

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Claire x

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